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Mobile Suits
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                     Endless Duel

Welcome to the Endless Duel Section. Here there is info screenshots and the download of the Gundam Wing game on Snes.

Game info:
Endless Duel is a fighting game for Gundam Wing. The buttons fall into four categories:

Button layout:
Strong Punch=X
Weak Punch=Y
Strong Weapon=A
Weak Weapon=B

Dashing~Dashing is a normal routine tap towards twice to dash, back to jump backwards. 

Booster Jets~Booster Jets allow your Mobile Suit to make higher, directional jumps. To engage your boosters, hit both kick buttons. You can do this while you're still on the ground, but that would kinda defeat the purpose of the boosters although the fast boost from the jets might be used as a rather unsuccessful dodge. From the first booster jump, you can hit both kick buttons a second time in any direction that doesn't point downwards... This will give you a boost in the direction indicated, which can amount to one really really high jump. 

Vulcans~ At a good distance apart, a large targeting crosshair will appear. The crosshairs are the aiming for the Vulcans, but after you fire your Vulcans, they  will never travel farther than the position of the crosshair. This means jumping back is a good way to dodge.  If you duck, then the crosshair will aim slightly higher than your opponent's head at minimum range, which is, actually, kinda useless, cause the angle is never steep enough to hit jumping enemies very well, but it knocks a charging enemy back and into the air.  Hit strong y or x to fire your  Vulcans when you're in range

Throws~ To throw your opponent, get close to your
them and press f|b+p.  A weak throw smashes your opponent to the ground. The strong version sends him flying. 


Wing Gundam
Pilot:Heero Yuy
1x Beam Sword 
1x Buster Rifle
2x Vulcan Cannon 
1x Sheild
Fighting: 130
Weapon: 140
Speed: 150
Power: 120
Armor: 130

Uppercut: tap back+X
Buster Rifle: Back, Down, Forward + any key
Air Buster Rifle: (Jump) Down, Forward + any key
Bird Mode: Forward, Down, Back + any key

Gundam Deathscythe
Pilot: Duo Maxwell
Beam Scythe x1
Beam Shield x1
Vulcan Cannon x2
Speed: 160
Power: 120
Armor: 120

Spinning Scythe:Forward, Down, Down+any key
Drill Shield:Back, Down, Forward+any key

Gundam Heavyarms
Pilot:Trowa Barton
Gatling Gun x1 
5-Cannon missile launcher x2 
3-Launcher Missile Pack x4, 
Retractable Army Knife x1 
Vulcan Cannons x2 
Fighting: 110
Weapon: 160
Speed: 110
Power: 140
Armor: 140

Gatling Gun: Back, Down, Forward+any key
Homing Missiles: Forward, Down, Down+any key
Super:  Back, Down, ForwardX2+any key

Gundam Sandrock
Pilot:Quatre Winner
Gundarium-refined Scimitar x2 
Uzi-3 Sub-Railgun x1 
Vulcan Cannons x2
Fighting: 120
Weapon: 120
Speed: 110
Power: 150
Armor: 160

Heat Rods: Back, Down, Forward +any key
Slicing Combo: Forward, Down, Back+any key
Super: Back, Down, ForwardX2 +any key

Gundam Shenlong
Pilot:Wufei Chang
Beam Trident x1
Retractable Dragon Claw x1 
Vulcan Cannon x2
Fighting: 160
Weapon: 110
Speed: 130
Power: 140
Armor: 120

Dragon Fang Throw: Back, Down, Forward +(weak hit will only hit the enemy) or (strong Hit will throw them across the screen)
Beam Trident: Forward, Down, Down+any key
Fire: Back, Down, ForwardX2+ any key

Wing Zero
Pilot: Heero Yuy
Beam Sword x1
Shield x1 
Zero Buster Rifle x2 
Vulcan Cannon x3
Fighting: 150
Weapon: 150
Speed: 160
Power: 140
Armor: 140

Zero Buster Shot: Back, Down, Forward+ any key
Zero Shield Upper: Forward, Down, Down+any key
Zero Buster Shot(Towards the air)